Rating The De La Soul Discography


The New World Disorder reigns supreme but in the spirit of basement analysis, we bring to you the first in our discography rating series. We’re co-opting The Source’s rating scale until we think of something more clever. An excerpt from the graphic novella, The Fear Of Living Dangerously, a companion piece to MicDangerous’ as-yet-unfinished EP:

3 Feet High And Rising, 1989, 5 DangerMics
De La Soul Is Dead, 1991, 4.5 DangerMics
Buhloone Mindstate, 1993, 4 DangerMics
Stakes Is High, 1996, 4 DangerMics
AOI: Mosaic Thump, 2000, 3.5 DangerMics
AOI: Bionix, 2001, 3.5 DangerMics
The Grind Date, 2004, 4 DangerMics
Plugs 1 & 2 Present…First Serve, 2012, 2.5 DangerMics

And The Anonymous Nobody, 2016, 4 DangerMics


Composite Score (Minus First Serve):  4.06

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