Rating The A Tribe Called Quest Discography

Why are we rating a group that only put out 6 albums in their tumultuous run? Shame on you for asking. Who knew Q-Tip wasn’t so cuddly. Who knew (initially) Phife really was a funky diabetic. At least Jairobi probably isn’t such an asshole. Michael Rapaport’s documentary Beats, Rhymes And Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest was a reality check for many of us starry-eyed rap saps. “Heroes eventually die.” RIP, Phife Dawg. Sniff. And sometimes Y.

People’s Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm, 1990- 4.5 DangerMics
The Low End Theory, 1991- 5 DangerMics
Midnight Marauders, 1993- 4.5 DangerMics
Beats, Rhymes & Life, 1996- 4 DangerMics
The Love Movement, 1998- 3 DangerMics

We Got It From Here.., 2016, 4.5 DangerMics

Composite Score: 4.25

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