Enter Sandman (2012)

ImagePhoto courtesy of Cassandra Rose

Anyone who sat through Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is familiar with the concept of the monolith. A massive stone structure that the apes just can’t figure out, try as they might.

The monolith symbolizes that which most of us struggle to wrap our heads around. Why are we here. What do we do with the time we’ve been given and perhaps most importantly, why are there so many forces fighting against our survival.

Some of us are willing to confront the monolith. One such individual is The Homeboy Sandman, an artist signed to Stones Throw Records. Another is myself.

All I wish to do is make a living at what I believe I do best. But the monolith is an obstacle at every turn. My goal is to produce, foster and support works of art in whatever medium that is so rightfully chosen. I’m trying to fight the good fight. Heed the words of The Sandman:

“peace and love my name is homeboy sandman. can’t no one else in the world make music like me. that’s it. no budget. no connections. no product placement in my records so them cats ain’t pushing me. no playing into an agenda to wring as much money out of brown people as possible before leading them into prison so them cats ain’t pushing me. uncensored. unfiltered. you know how corny the world is these days. it’s so corny that being amazing almost isn’t enough on its own to make it. but thanks to cats like m.f., it still is. see m.f. loves hip hop. and when he writes there’s real love in it, so it comes across different. he’s not a writer to get into stuff for free, or to be in a position of power, or to be around celebrities. so his writing leaves a rare impression. a lasting impression. that’s what love does. i don’t even agree with all the stuff he says. i think some of the stuff he thinks is dope is completely whack, but i can tell that he actually disagrees, ’cause he’s not a robot. he thinks for himself. he writes for himself. and for artists like me who aren’t here to tap dance, (AKA the real artists AKA the ones that will keep your publication from tanking despite the majority of your writers being the clowns m.f. is nothing like), cats like him are all we’ve got as far as press. so if you hire great writers because they know their shit, and they tell it like it is, and they’re not for sale, then you should hire this kid. if you don’t hire him for them same reasons, then you’re so far gone that this paragraph isn’t going to have any effect on you. but know this, God is watching you. i promise.”

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