Rating The Major Films Of Martin Scorsese (2012)

Yes, some of the images on this anti- status quo blog are a bit wonky but that’s precisely the point. We are the glowing embers of long-form journalism meets punk rock (until some wealthy benefactor recognizes our unique brilliance).

We’re not going to just steal shit and pawn it off like its our own like your favorite Internet stooges do (we use mostly stock images, but if we happen to co-opt something just let us know and we will credit the source, post-haste). We’re taking a stand. Original content or painstakingly hand-picked submissions only. Or bust.

Marty Scorsese took a stand against the studio system in Hollywood, producing a unique brand of gritty cinema vérité in his early career. The problem is, everyone liked it, including the bloated Hollywood studio execs. So what’s an artist to do when they throw money at you? Marty took the money and ran but continued to do things his way. He’s been a made man since Taxi Driver and an untouchable since Goodfellas. He’s an inspiration and an iconic figure. Endorsed by hip-hop, Tibetan monks and everyone in between. Here’s our sweet and lowdown:

Mean Streets, 1973, 4 DangerReels
Taxi Driver, 1976, 5 DangerReels
Raging Bull, 1980, 5 DangerReels
The Color Of Money, 1986, 4 DangerReels
The Last Temptation Of Christ, 1988, 4 DangerReels
Goodfellas, 1990, 5 DangerReels
Cape Fear, 1991, 4 DangerReels
The Age Of Innocence, 1993, 3.5 DangerReels
Casino, 1995, 4 DangerReels
Bringing Out The Dead, 1999, 3 DangerReels
Gangs Of New York, 2002, 4 DangerReels
The Aviator, 2004, 4 DangerReels
The Departed, 2006, 4 DangerReels
Shutter Island, 2010, 3 DangerReels
Hugo, 2011, 4 DangerReels                                                                                        The Wolf Of Wall Street, 2014, 4 DangerReels

Composite Score-4.03

Films Unrated: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974), The Last Waltz (1978), The King Of Comedy (1983), After Hours (1985), Kundun (1997),

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