Apollo Brown, Cigarette Burns EP/.38 (LP) (2014)


Filling column inches in the music space ceased to be interesting around 2011. Everyone knows about everything new in five clicks or less.

It’s still hard to know what’s truly good anymore. The trained ear remembers what used to get the dopamine levels surging and maybe once every four months or so, something inspires the auditory synapses.

Though he’s been making beats since 1996 and his portfolio started percolating in 2007 (Skilled Trade), Apollo Brown gained renown in 2013 with The Brown Tape, a reimagined version of Ghostface’s 12 Ways To Die.

Brown hails from Grand Rapids but polished his chops in Detroit, where more than a handful of post-Dilla producers hold rank. So what distinguishes him from Black Milk, Mr. Porter or Quelle Chris?

AB has an exquisite sound, lush and soulful (far less electronically informed than some of his Motown counterparts, i.e., Black Milk). We’re not surprised that Danny Brown, “Contra” shit was him. He posted a free EP entitled Cigarette Burns on Tax Day eve:


A full-length instrumental album, .38, will be dropping May 13, via Mello Music Group. We really like “The Answer” featuring a sample from The Carpenters, that the artist may or not appreciate you knowing about.

Oh well, it’s just The Internet, no one ever gets bent out of shape here.


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