Welcome to 1LB, the advent of conscious content. The hub of M.F. DiBella’s writing nexus. 

This is a minimalist, free-thinking work in progress. Anti-blogging is the new anti-blogging.

It’s brand new because we just bloody invented it. That’s the central manifesto.

Think Steven Colbert shtick and apply it to a disdain for excess social media, mindless e-copy and genetically modified organisms of any kind.

We don’t want to destroy it all from within, just the dehumanizing elements of, well, anything. From within.

We’re still on the ground floor here. We want to reinvigorate the written word without denying the fact that there’s no way to undo the digital revolution. 

A zine meets a magazine dressed up like a blog.

If you’re a business guru, a developer, an IT whiz, a writer, a visual artist, a trapeze artist or anyone else who wants to effect change in the digital landscape email us at:


Check out the musical enterprise that was/is MicDangerous here.

Buy some mp3s.

If you like futbol/sports punditry, go here. Sample writing portfolio available here.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself here.

Professional informationhttp://lnkd.in/c96mxS

Layout photo courtesy of Red Shoes.

Header courtesy of Art Decade.

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