One Last Post

Blogging was never really for me. Though, I admit to dabbling here and there. Everything I wrote for Bleacher Report was a blog, it had to pass the eye test and required brief, punctuating sentences for the addled short attention.

Like this one.

This is the last gasp. One more stab at the behemoth. The internet cherishes impromptu flourishes of rancor, emotion and self-consciousness. We’re shutting this fucker down. Here goes nothing.

Things in this country were sick and twisted from the outset. Manifest destiny amounted to systematic genocide of North American natives and an infrastructure built on slave labor.

I suppose most countries were forged through some insidious bloodshed, but the faction of this country that chooses to whitewash our history and prop up America as some sort of Eden is infuriating. And fucking racist. Who really gives a shit which country is the “best” if we’re not talking about the World Cup. We all live on this planet, no one country or culture is better or worse.

These white nationalist/Colin Kaepernick-hating fuckers don’t fight fair. Peep Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York. Engage them at your own risk.

Eight years of a black president papered over the deeply depraved cracks of a society always hell-bent on division while advertising liberty. Aziz Ansari’s take was about as pitch-perfect as could be.

A two- or three-state solution is our best bet: one third of the country for Bernie Bros/Sisters, one third for the liberal elite/hipsters and the final third for the people of Walmart/Richard Spencer types.

Ok, with a hat-tip to our oldest friend, Dr. Rufus Dimebags, we acknowledge that this “solution” was heavy-handed. There are plenty of conservatives that disavow racism and challenge Trump, but it’s up to these people to weed out the racists from their ranks.

The Unite The Right fuckfaces had their little summer tiki torch party and seem to have crawled back into their hellholes. The good that came from it: Trump fully uncloaked himself as the scumbag honkey nationalist that he is. Unfortunately, racist graffiti and the like remain on the rise.

This giant gaping digital wastebin we’ve been feeding with our constant need for narcissist validation. I guess there’s cool shit out there, but so much sludge to wade through.

We’ve got a morally bankrupt grandpa for president, some awful holdover from WWII-gloating. If he’s even worthy of that distinction. Just a celluloid manifest of America’s ills.

Trump is a bloated pig. He’s going to have to eat shit at some point. He’s not worth our time. But to those he duped with his xenophobic bluster, maybe there’s some shred of hope, though they cling to him with all their crusty white might.

Who could hate diversity. One of the best things America has going. We can no longer engage, we must recede from their view, for we who champion all cultures are odious to them as well. Find a common ground, steer far from others beliefs, stick with your tribe. Sadly.

This shit we do, in little boxes. Not on paper, just little white fields to layer with text and silly little insignia.

We fight amongst ourselves, loathe our company, pour in alcohol, revel in bile. What counts for art these days. Trompe l’oeil. Mind the bollocks.

Owning means of production and understanding systems are essential in today’s tech-first economy. In the end we are trained to think and operate as a consumer. But everyone thinks they’re a supplier now, whether it’s Instagram, Youtube or some shitty blog. The written word rarely stands on its own, and if it does, it’s only through some word of mouth that it must be physical and hand-held.

Ultimately, I think, white nationalists are driven by fear. White people should always be mindful of what non-white people have endured in this country. Certainly, white supremacists are aware of this on some level. In their violent, binary view of the universe, they see people of another color or race or whatever as a threat to their existence. Perhaps they see black folk as looking for retribution from the days of slavery or for innumerable police-related killings.

Most white nationalists have no capacity for reason.

I don’t think any of this will matter once we re-surface, somewhere down the line. So many of us are better than what we are becoming. We’re all very lazy, in our own ways. Well, many of us anyway.

I’m a blogger after all, weaving my personal narrative around the zeitgeist.

Let’s try to find a way to stay above the surf, or, at least the low tide of jingoism and hatred for our fellow humans.

Power to the serfs.


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Image courtesy of Click Orlando

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